Nathan Hughes Newport Total Body defence Instructor 3rd Dan coach
Nathan Hughes Newport Total Body defence Instructor 3rd Dan coach


Occupation:  S & T Tech – Network Rail
Grade  : 3rd Dan
Certified Level 3 Coach (British Ju Jitsu Association)
First Aider
Fully CRB Checked
20 Years + experience

Mobile: 07913 845632


Family time, Running, Tabata Sessions, Rugby, Football, Boxing, Martial Arts as a whole & cooking (or trying to cook should I say)

Why I started:  

In 2002 my wife wanted to learn a Martial Art as a way of building up her fitness & confidence. I was playing Rugby at the time & was a member of St Joseph’s Boxing Club. One of the trainers there (Roger Williams) suggested trying Jujitsu. I mentioned this to my wife & said I would be her training partner (Uke) for moral support. We were at Risca Leisure Centre and came across a session in progress being taught by Chief instructor Alun Williams. Very approachable & enthusiastic (which he still is to this day), Alun invited us in to ‘have a go & see if you like it’…the rest is history.


What I like/What I have gained from TBD:   

With each Club, Instructor, Student there isn’t any ego. Just the hunger to train hard & enjoy.

The passion is infectious & the style adapts to all Martial Arts.

If I was asked the question all those years ago “Would you see yourself training in some sort of Martial Arts yet alone teaching any?” my answer would have been a straight “No!”.

How wrong was I? All it took was to step on the mats for the first time & train.


The future:

My aim is to continue to develop as a student, train & meet like-minded individuals from all walks of life.

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