Mark Broom – Pontypool TBD

Occupation:  Business Development Manager (Wholesale)
Grade  : 2nd Dan
Certified Level 3 Coach (British Ju Jitsu Association)
First Aider
Fully CRB Checked
35 Years + experience


I have been involved in Martial Arts for over 35 years. I started practising Judo from the age of 7; I also studied Shotokhan Karate and trained in Tae Kwon Do for many years in Devon under the instruction of Master John Black 8th Dan.

I was awarded my Tae Kwon Do 1st Dan Black Belt in 1986 by Grand Master He Il Cho and went on to win several national titles between 1986 – 1989 including the English and Welsh Championships in Sparring, Patterns and Destruction.

am a qualified Football Leader and UEFA C Licence holder with the FAW (Football Association of Wales). I have managed and Coached a Junior football team (Fairfield Utd) for the last 8 years and in our 1st competitive season 2009/2010 we won the Torfaen County U12’s League Cup Final, Having played football at a fairly high level myself as a youth, this was one of my proudest moments seeing my team presented with the League Cup at Cwmbran Stadium on 25th April 2010.

Why you started TBD

I started training in Goshinkwai in 1986 under Sensei Dave Baker whom I met while training at my local weight training gym in Devon. I used to travel weekly from Devon to Bleanavon in South Wales with Dave to train, until I eventually persuaded him to teach me and a couple of friends locally.

I trained with Dave for 4 years and graded to 4th Kyu Green Belt. Ironically I moved to Talywain, Pontypool (3 miles from Bleanavon) in South Wales in 1989 and continued my training on and off for a couple of years with Sensei Jeff Keen. My work began to take me away from home and my training began to suffer because of this.

Then in 2006 my eldest son Tyler expressed an interest in Martial Arts which is when I contacted Alun Williams (Founder of TBD) and together with Tyler resumed my training under Alun’s Instruction. I was promoted to 3rd Kyu Blue Belt on the TBD Annual Course in 2008 and my 1st Kyu Brown Belt at the 2010 Annual Course; I attained my 1st Dan Black Belt at the TBD Annual Course in November 2011.

It was a great honour when invited by Alun to be the Guest Instructor at the 2nd TBD USA Seminar in Orlando Florida – On 12th April 2009.

I was also invited back to Orlando Florida to instruct at the 3rd TBD USA seminar in April 2011, which was a great experience for me personally.

Alun had previously forged links with the Orlando Martial Arts Meet up Group, and when Holidaying with my family in Florida, Alun arranged for me to instruct the Seminars on behalf of the TBD Organisation

What you most like about TBD

There is a strong passion and respect for all within all the schools – No Ego’s which I like. The level among most of the junior grades is very very high, which keeps me on my toes and pushes me to develop my own skill and knowledge continually, creating a very high standard.

I like the flexibility of the style, Alun is keen for his students to have their own ideas and scenarios and will work with each individual to adapt these into their own techniques.


I am at the rank of 2nd Dan Dan Black Belt and so keen to continue my training and develop as an Instructor, especially as I’ve now run my own successful school in Pontypool since Feb 2012 training both adults and children. I am currently preparing to take my 3rd Dan in Total Body Defence Ju Jitsu November 2016.