Total Body Defence Ju Jitsu founded by Alun Williams in 2006 is an Award Winning system of Self Defence that strives to provide the best form of self defence for real life situations, together with fitness and well being principles to all levels and ages of student, irrespective of race, age, gender and ability in order to improve not only the individuals ability to defend themselves but to improve their physical fitness, flexibility and overall quality of life.  We welcome everyone to join us and explore the art of self defence together and have several excellent Instructors with a huge range of skill set we pride ourselves on being able to provide particularly high standards of instruction and you can be assured a safe, friendly, relaxed and informal environment.

This Unique system of Self Defence is derived mainly from Goshinkwai Yawara (ancient fighting) principles and constantly explores the art of self defence, but with added interpretation. The style is a combat system with emphasis on body movement, footwork, striking (Atemi), kicking techniques, grappling and locks and throws, which will enable you to defend yourself and those around you. The system compliments and readily adapts into all forms of Martial art and Self Defence systems. The training has proven to have had a positive influence on students lives and prepares mind and body to respond to threats against your safety or your life, together with developing a fighters reflex. Use of pads and gloves is utilised for warm ups and contact training and provides excellent fitness training.

We also offer an ONLINE TRAINING programme which is great for beginner or competent Martial Artist practitioners alike

We currently have several Martial Arts Schools at:

Cwmbran, Newport, Pontypool and Risca and Ynysddu

Separate Children’s classes are held at Risca, Newport and Pontypool – see Schools for all details

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Online training with Alun Williams 6th Dan
Online training with Alun Williams 6th Dan

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Interactive Award winning DVD, 5 camera angles
Interactive Award winning DVD

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The Art of Self Defence
The Total Body Defence Team of Instructors

All clubs are fully affiliated with the British Ju Jitsu Association Governing Body BJJAGB and offer student Insurance.