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“Brain wave tests prove that when we use positive words, our feel-good factor hormones flow. Positive self-talk releases the chemicals of endorphins and serotonin in our brain, which then flow through our body, making our body feel good. These neurotransmitters stop flowing when we use negative words.”

Ruth Fishel.

World renowned life coach Michel Neill in his TEDx talks asks people the question ‘why aren’t we awesome?’ He then goes on to how we are often people are held back by our own limits, limits of our own perceptions, our perception of who we are and what we BELIEVE are capable of.

One of the drawings he uses to illustrate his point in an optical illusion known as the Kanizsa triangle:

Kanizsa triangle

Kanizsa triangle

Most people looking at this image can clearly see a bold white, upside down triangle connecting and overlapping an equilateral black triangle and three black dots in the picture. Yet the truth is that there is no complete triangles or in fact, dots in this picture.


What is happening here is that our minds are filling the lines to create what we expect to see in our imaginations. The same way, our perceptions and expectations from past experiences stored in our subconscious cause us to see the World in a certain way, even if we see only that which exists inside our minds. We then act through our subconscious minds on what we believe to be true.


The inability to be flexible and to question, brings destruction.’

Our self-talk, the inner – room mate in our heads if we are not careful and I touched on this in my last blog post, will try and sabotage everything we try to do. It has a positive purpose, its our survival mechanism, but we must learn that we are the ones in charge.


Our Subconscious mind, the sourced of this inner voice, basically carry out three functions.


1.It regulates our bodies to keep us alive

  1. When we are asleep it catalogues what we done in the day to create memories
  2. Thirdly protect our ass and the main way it does this is to magnify risk, pulling out all the negative scenarios to make sure we pay attention.
careful how you speak

careful how you speak

One way to suppress the negative primitive part of the brain which insist on trying to protect us 24/7 is through the ‘power of questions – possibility questions ‘. Questions are the most powerful tools we have in dealing with the protective, self-sabotaging and un-resourceful self-talk, that inner voice, full of useless clutter that tries to dominate our thinking.

Consider the question ‘Why can’t I do this?


This question assumes that 1. There is something wrong and 2. You cannot do it.


Even to understand this question your mind has to search out all those reasons why you can’t do things. This is the minds job, to follow your instructions and to help make sure you get the correct answers, from the question you asked.

Alternatively, if you were to ask your mind something like ‘How can I easily make this work?’ or ‘How many ways are there to help me do this? The mind then presumes that ..


  1. ‘This can work’ and 2. There are many ways to make this work.’

What you focus on most in life is what you end up getting’ – where your focus goes the energy flows!

As a follow on from my previous post, I hope that it has encouraged you to think more about the way your mind works and too start to be aware and examine your inner voice and self-talk. Your new awareness will help you to start you to find more empowering ways of asking yourself the right questions… Remember, ‘ That little voice inside your head isn’t god, it just sometimes thinks it is.

Some examples of the most common, unhelpful questions could be things like ‘why can’t I do this martial arts thing as good as everyone else? ‘Why can’t I learn this technique? ‘Why does this happen to me?’, ‘How come I feel like I’ve got two left feet.?

To learn how possibility thinking / questions can help us, start from now on asking yourself only questions that pre-suppose the positive, so this helps you put your mind in a different and more resourceful state. Try this out for yourself. With practice, regular practice of this technique, you will form new habits and your mind will keep searching until it finds the most useful answers for you.

Practice, practice, practice is the way to develop your physical skills but don’t forget as you work out physically and learn the techniques your instructors teach you, you build up mind new mind body connections needed to help you to master these techniques. The secret here is repetition, repetition, repetition until you can do the techniques instinctively.

As you would with working out your body muscles, for strength, timing, and speed. You can and must work out your mind muscles in the same way, through repetition of mind muscle techniques and strategies in order to give you the right mental strength needed for succuss in your training and to help you reach positive outcomes in everything you do in life!


I hope that in sharing this post with you it will leave you with a -takeaway that will be useful for you. Before I sign off I want to give you a short example of mind muscle ‘mindgym’ tech with you. Simple but do not underestimate the power of this simple 10 min morning exercise.  ..


Every morning, before you start you day, take just a few minutes time out for yourself to ask yourself these power questions.. As you do so, don’t forget to keep in silence as you wait for your mind to answer, then as you get the answer thank you inner room mate for the response..


Who or what makes me feel most loved?

Who or what makes me feel most empowered?

What or who makes me feel so passionate about my martial arts practice or life?


I am sure you can think of a few more things to add to these, you are already beginning to take control, to retrain and upgrade your subconscious to mind 0.2 , forcing your mind to go into positive ‘possibility’ mode to answer them.

To add more energy and power, to help upgrade your minds software to mind 0.2, when you ask these questions in your mind amplify your thinking…

Whatever it is you are thinking about, example, what makes you feel so passionate about martial arts?, in your mind picture the scene and make the colours brighter, make the sounds louder and the feelings stronger. This will heighten your emotional connections and help hard wire new pattern of thinking and new habits into your subconsciousness.

Thank you for taking the time to read through my post, I hope you have enjoyed it and have gotten something out of the words that you can make use of in your Martial arts and in your daily life!


Catch up with you soon.


Anthony Davies

Mind-coach and Mindfulness practitioner…


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